SkyCity Casino is the biggest casino in New Zealand which is a part of the SkyTower Resort located at the heart of Auckland. It was launched on 2nd February 1996 and became one of the famous grand casinos around the world in no time. It is built at the basement of the SkyTower building which offers a wide variety of games and plenty of entertainment all guests. There are over 2000 slot games as well as over 100 table games.

Recently SkyCity has launched an online casino platform which offers even bigger opportunities to the gamblers from around the world without the need for them to visit the casino. This online platform is a collaboration of the SkyCity Entertainment Group and the Gambling Innovation Group.

What to expect

The online SkyCity Casino offers all the traditional games that a usual casino has along with other new games that get added every month. Gambling Innovation Group (GIG) is in association with plenty of gaming providers which provides sufficient gaming options for the players. The platform has a neat layout and an excellent gaming experience due to the GIG white label casino solution. It is a user-friendly platform which offers simple directions to the games and other pages.

You get a welcome bonus as soon as you enter the website. You can find the SkyCity logo next to the bonus. You can redeem this bonus by signing up for the website. Once you are done with the registration, you will be directed to the game page where you can find the list of all the games under different categories. You can also find the top 12 games of the website on the top of the page. You can also find your favourite game using the search bar if you cannot locate it on the front page. The website is colourful and offers great animation and music to keep you hooked.

Bonus and promotions

The SkyCity online casino offers plenty of bonuses, tournaments, and promotions during the games. There is a significant deposit bonus of up to 100% for up to $100, which gives you double the chances to get lucky. You can also receive 10 to 70 free spins during the first seven days of login-in. The platform also offers a VIP club membership promotion which offers plenty of rewards and tournament participation during the games.

SkyCity on Mobile

The SkyCity casino is now available on mobile devices with a website that is supported on Android and iOS platforms. SkyCity online casino is also considering to launch a casino application dedicated uniquely to smartphones. Today, the best platform to play at SkyCity online casino is a laptop as it provides a considerably bigger screen than the tablets and smartphones.