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From Our Blog

The Most Popular Games at SkyCity Casino Auckland

It seems that finding a good casino in Auckland can be a little be difficult for the novice player. The average player wants a casino that is in a good location, has many games available to play and also has good bonus programs so they can extend the length of their playing time. One great casino in Auckland is the SkyCity Casino. No matter the reason, SkyCity Casino has a lineup of both new and old casino games so every player has something to play when they come to this casino. Here are some great casino games that SkyCity Casino offers – some are new games that some casino players might not have seen before, and some are classic casino games that every casino player knows.

One unique game that SkyCity Casino has introduced that many casinos do not have is called the money wheel. This game is a big wheel is that is slightly similar to roulette. Each player bets on where the wheel will land on. The difference between this and roulette is that each part of the wheel has different payout odds. The less chance of the wheel landing on that location, then the more that it will payout. Many players like this game because it is simple and there is no skill or strategy to it. Players like that can sit down with their friends and play this game while socializing. Since many players like to come to the casino with their friends to socialize, this is a great game for them because it does not require much effort or skill. The cool thing about this game at SkyCity Casino is that each different spot on the wheel is a different country. Each country has its payout structure, depending on how rare the country is on the wheel. While roulette is much more complicated with different betting sports and different payouts, with this game you can simply sit down and start to play. The novice gambler likes this game because it does not take long to learn. Unlike games like blackjack where it can take a bit to fully understand what is happening in the game, any player can come to the SkyCity Casino and start to play this game right away. For the amateur gambler, the money wheel is a great game to play without putting in much effort with their friends on a night out. Make sure to come to check out the money wheel at SkyCity Casino.

One of the most popular games in the SkyCity Casino that are visited by many players in New Zealand is the poker room. The SkyCity Casino offers many games to their players, both small games for the novice poker player that wants to have some fun with their friends on a night out, too big games that are more towards experienced players that have a high skill level. One of the best things about the SkyCity Casino is that they have a range of different stakes so that every player can find a game that they are comfortable with and have a similar skill level to the other players at the table. For the more experienced player, the top stake games at the SkyCity Casino are uncapped. This means that there is no limit to the amount of money that a player can buy into the game with. One other great thing about the SkyCity Casino poker room is that they offer PLO – pot-limit Omaha. The two key differences to this variation of poker are that instead of two cards there are 4 cards, and each player can only bet the pot amount. PLO oftentimes results in much bigger games since there is more action, and many times there are much higher swings to how much money a player wins and loses in a session. FOr both the novice poker player and the experienced poker player, the poker room at SkyCity Casino is a great destination for both.

One game that SkyCity Casino offers that players will like a lot is rapid roulette and rapid baccarat. This game is the same thing as the table game, except that each player has a terminal. The best thing about this is that now every player can play these games no matter if there is not enough space on the table or them to sit down or stand up. These terminals make it very easy for any player to be able to sit down and start to bet on one of their favourite table games. The odds of these games are the same as the table games, and the same rules are there. One thing that might differ between these games is the ability to get a higher bonus level with them. Ofter times you can insert your player rewards card into the terminal and then start to get reward points as you bet on the terminal. This can be a great way to get free bonus money and also get some free bets.

Choosing a casino in New Zealand can be tough because of all of the great options for the player. SkyCity Casino in Auckland is a combination of many great things about any good casino. They have every game that any player would want to play on, and they are in a great location so they are not hard to find. Next time you are in Auckland and you want to gamble in a great casino, check out the SkyCity Casino for all your gambling needs.

The best tips to help you win at online casinos

5 Top Tips For Online Casino Gambling

1. Online casino gambling is best for the more cautious player

Online casino gambling is best for the more cautious player. It’s not only more convenient than going to the casino, but it’s also cheaper. You can play for free or bet real money. If you’re over 18 years old, you can gamble online. Just make sure you’re aware of the bad websites, shady operators, and any other sorts of risks associated with it.

Sign up

Some of the major online casinos have login systems. Make sure you make sure your email address is up to date and that you’re not already signed in. When you sign up, you’ll be taken directly to a page where you can enter a cashier’s name. Read each page as you go and try to find the contact email for the company. Some sites won’t allow you to play without an email address. It all depends on the threshold for each website. Just remember, don’t give out any personally identifying information — even your zip code will get you in trouble.

Choose a casino

There are many kinds of online casinos. Some provide table games, while others offer video poker, blackjack, and other social casino games. Either way, choose a casino that has a good reputation. This way, you won’t have to deal with any problems associated with a poor site or time-wasting login issues. On the other hand, there’s a lot of content available online that consists of reviews, walkthroughs, and tutorials.

2. Use those “free” spins to your advantage

If you’ve ever heard someone, say that you can’t win if you don’t play, it’s probably because they’re referring to sites like this. These sites, most notably SkyCity, offer free spins to use on their site, which you can then use to try to win money. Like anything that involves online gaming, you should play carefully — but there are some important things to keep in mind first!

  1. Beware of your browser – Always play with the latest version of your browser. This way, you’re more likely to be winning when you use an older browser that’s slower, has less support, and you can keep your wins private otherwise.
  2. Knowledge – The first player to wager loses the bet. Having enough knowledge before you go to the casino will help you make better decisions, take less risk, and increase your odds of success.
  3. Choose a site – Online casino bonuses and free spins are much more valuable if you know where to play them. Choose a large site with a lot of players and plenty of gaming options.
  4. Be patient – The longer you play, the better your chances will be to get a big win. Remember, you’re playing on a house’s pride and joy — so take things slow!

Once you’ve learned the rules and started collecting bonus kudos, you’ll see that games can be a lot of fun. Whether you’re looking for easy money at a slight cost or you want steady cash flow in big games.

3. Play online casino games that suit your style

When playing casino games online, it’s important to choose games that suit your playing style. For example, some people like to play slots, while others like to play card games. The best strategy is to try out a few of the most popular games.

It’s also important to spend some time learning what each of the virtual casino websites has to offer. Knowledge is power in any industry—but online casino gambling certainly has its perks! By knowing the different advantages and strategies associated with a particular online casino game, you’ll have an edge over your opponent. On top of that, being first in line for a particular online slot or game gives you a leg-up on other players. So don’t slack off on learning the game!

The online casinos listed here have no affiliation with any of the casino brands we list. We simply rank them based on their popularity and popularity can be a decent indicator of quality for most online casino games. Keep that in mind when choosing any particular online casino website.

Pretend you’re just visiting one of the online casinos and wish to test your luck. If you’re travelling to Las Vegas or looking to play funhouse, these are the names to keep in mind.

4. Don’t be afraid to switch up games and casinos if you’re not feeling it

If you’re not feeling a casino, you shouldn’t be afraid to switch it up. There are a lot of casinos out there, and you shouldn’t feel like you’re tied down to one if you’re not enjoying yourself there. Try a new casino and see if that makes a difference.

Buying your tickets online isn’t the only way to play. Although there are a handful of traditional casinos, there are also plenty of online casino options that allow you to play. Whether you want to play blackjack, play roulette or simply stock up on scratch cards, there are plenty of online casino options to suit your gaming tastes.

Ultimately, you’re looking to play the game, and it’s important to remember that strategy is going to be required to see you to the end. Therefore, it may be a good idea to pick up a few new tricks from the casino games.

Top tips for online casino gambling

5. Make sure to read casino reviews before making a deposit

Before you make a deposit at a casino, make sure to read some reviews. These reviews can help you get a better feel of the casino. If you get a good feeling about the casino, then you can then decide if you want to deposit some money. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know ahead of time whether you are going to get a good return at the slot machines. However, make sure to calculate the ROI of each bet and compare it to the cost of the bet by using the formula: Gross Cost X Number of Wins. This way, you can compare how much it would cost you to spend one hour at the slot machine to get you a high percentage return.

If you are a novice online casino player, you’ll need some education about the machine you are about to play. Some of the machines will also have special features about cash-bet roulette. Your best bet is to join the existing players at the table. The person on your left will be able to make your initial bet, and the person on your right will be able to make the second bet or split a pot with you.

The best casinos to play online in New Zealand

The Best Casinos to play Online in New Zealand

When it comes to gambling, New Zealand is a fantastic country to choose from. Not only does it have a large number of land-based casinos, but it also offers an excellent range of online casinos for players who prefer the virtual experience. But which casino site should you choose? Not all are created equal. For the best online casinos in New Zealand, see this article.

1. Best online casinos in New Zealand

If you’re looking to get started with playing casino games online, you’re going to want to get the most out of your experience. To do that, you’ll want to get the best casino experience that you can get. The best place to get that online is at a New Zealand casino.

Online Casinos in New Zealand

The many different online casinos available in New Zealand can be overwhelming, and sometimes you might wonder how you can possibly use all of them. To get you started, continue reading the section below, where we’re going over each major online casino site that New Zealand’s big operators are rolling out.

  • SkyCity casino
  • IRA online casino
  • Theatres casino
  • launches casino
  • Highroller casino
  • Crown casino

After you’ve determined which casino is the best site to play at, let’s dive into the details of each and see what comes with the VIP Access that I mentioned earlier.

What Is a VIP Access Pass?

First of all, what is a VIP Access Pass? A VIP Access Pass is a Chrome plugin or browser add-on that allows you to log into any online casino and receive certain unique benefits or privileges, such as special slots, increased play limits, bet assistance, and more. These casino privileges will save you an incredible amount of time and money. Unless you are a professional or highly skilled player, I would highly recommend using your VIP Access Pass to maximize your opportunities when gaming. That is because slot machines save you a good amount of time every day, and they can be frustrating if you aren’t skilled enough to have a high success rate unless you know what you are doing.

2. The best bonus offers from luxury New Zealand casinos

The choice of bonus offers is very attractive, but it is the wagering requirements that matter in the end. The wagering requirements are stated in the T&Cs of the bonus. The wagering requirements are the number of times you have to bet your bonus. You can increase your chances of winning by making the wagering requirements as low as possible. If you are entering as a guest, your wagering requirements are stated in the terms and conditions (T&C). That means you are allowed 12 (total of 12) entries. But if you are entering as a user, your wagering requirements are defined in the user terms and conditions that they submit when they activate their account.

In general, the rules for the bonuses vary from site to site, but here is a quick summary of the main rules:

  1. There must be a cashier involved at the end of the game and you need to explicitly sign in.
  2. The site always asks you to put down the legal term, “Eligible for a cashier bonus”, which identifies you.
  3. If you are betting on a horse, you must specify your favourite number; it contains the horse’s name, division or grand prize. Raffles and drawings are excluded.
  4. The minimum bet is $500 where $100 is the default and the site prompts you to specify your preferred way of paying; this is usually by way of transfer of funds.

However, it may change depending on your browser’s settings, so be sure to check yours before betting. A lot of sites will tell you to bet your bonus with as many people as possible. That’s impossible because if your browser doesn’t support cookies, the bonuses will be removed.

3. Where to play online poker in the Kiwi country

To play online poker in New Zealand, you can register and play on PokerStars and 888poker. There are also several local poker sites to choose from.

Online booking portal

There are several options for online-only casinos. One of the more reliable and widely recommended options is Horse Racing New Zealand, a national site that allows players to make deposits, play, and pay on a site-generated cover basis using their credit card. You can play anywhere in the world and from any device that supports internet connections. Although this site offers a wide selection of online-only slots, it’s great that there’s no limit to the number of people that can log into the site at once, so multiple sessions are not interrupted. This solution is perfect for players who travel frequently—or even sometimes just for a vacation.

Online gaming regulations in New Zealand

When it comes to online game regulation in New Zealand, there is one particular stipulation you need to be aware of. According to the Gambling Act, you cannot advertise or offer to play casino games in any way that appears to be designed to attract a user—including banners, internet pop-ups, pop-ups on hotel interiors, and interactive websites.


4. Where to place sports bets online in New Zealand

Given all of this, you’re probably wondering where to place sports bets online in New Zealand. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some of the best sports betting sites. Each one of them is a little different from the rest, but they’re all legit and you can trust them.

Best Sports Betting Sites in New Zealand:

First up, we have the premier sports betting website in New Zealand. This popular property launched in 2005, so it’s got a lot going on. For the basics, a user simply clicks “start a bet” and the system finds their perfect result. But the real value of this site is in how they create interactive entertainment experiences on different topics for wagering.

For example, you think you and your partners are the king and queen of Kiwi football. You set up your Predictions engine and set up the game. Your user goes to the site, tells their friend that they can win big by picking the team they think the Kiwis will win. Your user can also bid on online polls with poll numbers ranging from 0 to 100. Multiple users can bid on the poll, so sometimes they can earn up to $20 worth of free bets!

First up is the second round, which is a bit more interactive. You’ve got to type in the initial result, and then select “Celebrate & Win,” and share your picks with your friends.

Everything you Need to Know about SkyCity Online Casino

SkyCity Entertainment Group has become a big name when it comes to casino entertainment in New Zealand. The casino has opened doors to many citizens and allowed them to make the most of their gaming needs. And with the rise of the internet, this casino is not left behind either and has allowed its players to enjoy gaming on the web. It’s exciting that you can now play in your favorite casino at the comfort of your home at SkyCity casino without any compromise. But what does SkyCity Online Casino offer to New Zealand players that you don’t know? Let’s find out below.

Incredible Bonuses and Promotions

SkyCity is the home of bonuses and promotions for both new and existing players. The bonuses have taken the online casino industry in New Zealand with a storm as players are rushing to grab a chance. However, the welcome bonus can’t be categorized as the top bonuses in New Zealand, but the casino does offer a fair welcome bonus that you must try if you’re joining SkyCity for the first time. Currently, new players at the casino get up to 100% bonus up to NZ$100 but these change regularly so we recommend checking out a SkyCity Casino review to get up to date information. New players currently also get up to 70 free spins package. The 70 are divided into ten free spins daily with no strict wagering requirements. Make sure you go through the terms and conditions before claiming any bonus offer so that you don’t end up making a mistake that can get your bonus forfeited.

Wonderful List of Games

One thing you’re going to love about SkyCity Online Casino is the huge choice of games. You can play over 1500 different games on the platform, with slot games taking the biggest share. Slot games come from major game providers such as the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt, Big Time Gaming, Pragmatic Play, etc. the list of popular slot games includes Showdown Saloon, Starburst 5, Viking, Book of Dead, etc. What’s more, you can play the slot of your choice on any device, including your tablet, smartphone, desktop, or smart TV. You can also win big at the casino by playing jackpot games. There are daily and hourly jackpots to engage in. Other games such as table games, Video Poker, Progressive Jackpots, and live casinos are also available. All you have to do is to identify your favorite game and get to work.

SkyCity MoneyBack Guarantee

Players at SkyCity online casino can take advantage of the MoneyBack guarantee bonus, which you’ll not find easily at other casinos in the city. When you are opt-in, the casino will reward you with its MoneyBack promotion. The casino will track your losing bets and give 10% of all your losing bets in real cash, which you can get every other Monday of the week, depending on your consistency. The amount you’re eligible for is calculated using your bets minus your winning amount. Don’t forget to opt-in on the promotions page to claim your MoneyBack. You log in to your account, claim the wager-free cash from the Rewards section every other week.

SkyCity Features Virtual Sports

Now that the amount of sporting events is limited, virtual sports have become a substitute, and, amazingly, New Zealand players can access them from SkyCity online casino. You can just log in to your account any time and access a huge list of virtual sports, including hockey, racing, greyhounds, rugby, etc. You can either play these sports virtually or bet on your favorite players and teams.

Secure Banking

SkyCity not only ensures security when it comes to your banking method but also provides an endless list of options to choose from. You can bank with Visa/Mastercard, Neteller, Ecopays, Zimpler, Paysafecard, etc. All your payment details and information are secured with end to end encryption hence hiding your transaction from hackers or any other unauthorized access. If you happen to play and win, you can withdraw your money as fast as possible and get back to the game. The support system is also ready to give you a helping hand whenever you get stuck with your banking or any other issue.

Organized Website

Another thing that wow players about SkyCity it’s organized and user-friendly website. Well, the first time you visit the website, you can get overwhelmed with banners promoting its welcome bonus. Once you sign up, everything becomes easy and well-organized. You’ll find a very easy time navigating the site with several games organized according to their categories. You can also use the search button to easily find the game you want. Everything you want to explore is on the Menu and easy to navigate. Whether you want games, live casino, support, promotions, login, Virtual sports, etc. you can find them easily within the Menu.

SkyCity Live Casino

SkyCity mostly focuses on slots and electronic games but still doesn’t deny you the chance to try your luck with Live Casino. The SkyCity team is working on the clock to ensure you have access to several live dealer games, which also encourages interactive gaming.

Online Gaming

Unfortunately, SkyCity doesn’t have any downloadable app for those who want to play on mobile. But this should not discourage you because you can still access the site on your PC, tablet, smartphone, and any other device. Make it easy to find the online casino with your mobile by spinning it to your screen. Find out how to do that with your browser settings.


SkyCity is one of the best casinos to sign up for is you’re looking for more fun and entertainment at the comfort of your home. The online casino has a lot to offer to New Zealand players, and all you have to do is sign up and find out what’s on offer for you. All in all, SkyCity is one of the online casinos you can trust for the best gaming experience of your lifetime. Don’t hesitate, sign up, and start enjoying yourself.

Some Great Slot Games on Offer at SkyCity Casino

Slot games are among the most popular casino games. One reason why slot machine has gained considerable popularity in the past is that most offer multi-million-dollar prizes. However, the above is not the only reason why slot games have gained such popularity in the past. They offer players a variety of options. In that regard, various developers have emerged in the past decade or so and produced slots utilizing different themes to attract their customers. It is important to note that Slot games are available both on land-based and online platforms, which creates convenience for their enthusiasts, they can bet on and off the casino land-based facilities. Gamblers also enjoy simplistic rules, affordable games, free trials, and high payouts. The above reasons are the impetus to their availability in various casino facilities, including the facility at Sky City Hotel, New Zealand. Below are some of the popular games available in the aforementioned land-based casino.

3 Tiny Gods Slot

This game has been in the market for quite some time after getting into the lime-light in 2019. It is a Microgaming product, which means that it is one of the best games, especially in the New Zealand casinos. The game is themed with Egyptian gods. The game comes with an added advantage of hitting the best, winning despite the amount of money spent on the spin. It is a perfect game for low spenders. Even though one should note that the closer one is towards the $50 per spin limit, the closer they are to the actual jackpot value. Concerning the minimum betting amount, one can place a minimum of $0.10 per spin. There is a Foxify option which presents gamblers with a choice of enabling one to trigger free spins, or rather Mystery of Horus. Even though this option requires a bettor to add 50% on top of the ordinary option. This slot game comes with the advantage of giving one a second chance through a Gift of Bastet. The gift can only be triggered after all the completed rounds did not entail any combinations. For more about this game, one can get information on the Microgaming casinos’ website.

Willy’s Hot Chillies Slot Game

This is a video slot game that can be found in any NetEnt slots. It is one of the newest games in the market after being recently released in July 2020. Gamblers are assured of a good experience concerning the design considering the design entails five reels, five by three layout, and 20 pay lines. The game is available for desktop or mobile devices. Players in the ‘enter stage’ can benefit from a demo option, upon which they can train before joining the real money version or for fun. Its eight regular pay symbols are usually split into two; the low and high pay ones. The low pay symbols include spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds. High paying symbols include hot sauce, a pinata, tacos, and a chest of gold. Regarding key technical features, the game comprises of a 2-tiered wheel that usually spins in angled in the horizontal. The aforementioned wheel can give you wins. Its players enjoy an RTP value of 96%, which is standard for most online slots. It also comes with an auto-play-feature that allows a player to choose between 10 to 1000 spins. Like most slot games, it has bonus features. I have two bonus features that enable gamblers to increase their chances of winning real cash. NetEnt designed the game with a Mexican theme, a colorful display, and 3D graphics.

Hotline 2 Slot

Along with several other games, this is a product of NetEnt that returns players to memories of the 80s, in Miami. The Miami theme entails palm trees, captivating ocean views, street racing, and warm weather. Two hundred forty-three ways of winning characterize the slot game; it is designed containing five by three reels. It is worth noting that sometimes the setup can expand, allowing for 1,944 as the upper limit. Concerning betting amount, the game relies on 30 coins, and bets change from $0.30 to $150; players of various financial capacities were considered when this game was being developed. It offers an average of a maximum of 5,184x per stake, with medium volatility. Miami Vice inspired the design of the game. A gambler is supposed to play in the Hotline Zone, usually comprised of three columns. The good thing with this game is that players are presented with wilds that gain the ability to expand. By any chance, if a player lands at least three scatter symbols, they can trigger seven free spins. It is worth noting that there is a feature called Hotline, upon which players gain the ability to expand the reel size.

Pyramid King Slot

For those who love ancient Egyptian life, then Pyramid King Slot is their type of game. The aforementioned slot game comprises of 25 pay lines and five reels. The profitability of the game is based on respins that offer gamblers a screen feted with bonus symbols. The maximum amount of jackpot multiplier is 1,000x the bet amount. Interestingly, one doesn’t have to stop playing ones they are out of the Sky City Hotel premises; there is an online version that serves customers the same opportunities as the machines. The online version consists of a free respin feature that enables the completion of combinations. It is worth noting that the ancient Egyptian theme is the most popular among online slot machines. Probably because of its uniqueness. Pyramid King is a product of Pragmatic Play. The game comprises of money with the description of a camel silhouetted against the sun. Pragmatic Play is known for its stiff stance on what players like. The online version comes with a free option that helps upcoming gamblers with an opportunity to train. At the end of the bet, prize values are summed, paid out, and a jackpot won. The minimum jackpot yields 30x, while the maximum pay gives 100x. Additionally, if all Pyramid King spots get filled by money symbols, one can win the grand prize of 1,000x the total bet.

Gonzo’s Quest Megaways Slot

This is a powerful game in the sense that it was developed by a collaboration of NetEnt and Red Tiger Gaming, two giant developers. Players are offered 117,649 ways of winning the game and constitute six reels. Multipliers combine up to 15x. This game’s maximum win is 21,000x per bet and the return to the player value of 96%. Regarding bonuses, this game is comprised of six bonus features. The Gonzo’s Quest Megaways Slot was the first to use the Avalanche feature common in current NetEnt slots. The avalanche feature means that symbols fall into place instead of spinning. Avalanche features also come with multiplier features. Avalanches increase multipliers to an upper limit of 5x. The game also has an earthquake, unbreakable wilds, and the free fall feature. While one is playing, the game can start to shake, destroying low-value symbols; in the following respin, only high-value symbols take place. The above action describes what happens whenever the earthquakes feature is activated. More information on the slot game can be found on the NetEnt website. At least gamblers have options when it comes to slot games. They are the best games to consider once in Sky City Hotel Casino.

Getting To SkyCity Casino from the Airport

About SkyCity Casino

This is a luxurious facility in Auckland that attracts tourists and other travellers to the country. The casino has the lowest hotel rates in town, and it is strategically located away from Landmarks and Monuments. SkyCity Casino is located near other world-class hotels that offer Hauraki Blue Cruises. SkyCity Casino offers online bookings for its clients. Customers can book even a month early. The casino offers the best services in town, and it is open 24/7 to give its clients full excitement and fun. Wrapped up in one building, SkyCity Casino offers clients with all the popular games, including live games, great food, and amazing entertainment.

There are various means of transport that clients can use from the airport to get to the SkyCity Casino. However, following the current pandemic of COVID-19, some travel restrictions may apply during the travel. The following are the most appropriate means to use from the airport to SkyCity Casino:


This is one of the reliable ways of getting to SkyCity Casino from the airport. Uber offers a reliable, relatively cheap, and convenient services to and from the airport. To get an Uber for your travel, just find your pickup location, which is the airport. Depending on the luggage you have, check the Uber application for charges. Then you will need to follow the instructions on the Uber app to meet your driver at the pickup station.

You will then go to your preferred pickup station, as shown on the app to meet your driver. However, you should keep in mind that the pickup station might be far from your exit. When you get to the pickup point, just contact your driver on the Uber app. Once you meet your driver, you will enjoy your ride to SkyCity.

The Uber will take approximately 20 minutes to get to SkyCity Casino. The prices range for Uber ranges between $23 to $26.


Towncar can also offer the best transportation services from the airport to SkyCity Casino. Towncar, just like any other means of transport like tax, charges its clients depending on the distance and the time is taken. Once you are at the airport, just find the Towncar app and select your designated destination. You will communicate with your driver who will pick you from your destination and get you to SkyCity Casino. Towncar can carry up to three passengers implying that if you have a companion, then this can be the best option

Towncar takes approximately 20 minutes to get to SkyCity Casino. They are always available when their services are required; therefore, they offer service provision on demand. The estimated price for this amazing ride ranges between $55 to $80.

Line 380 Bus and Train

Train or Line 380 buses are other means of transport from the airport to SkyCity Casino. Line 380 bus comes after every 15 minutes implying that you will not have to spend much time waiting. The bus charges only $10 for the service. However, it not drop you at your exact destination. It will drop you at 52 St. George, and you will have to walk for around 5 minutes to get to the train, which is approximately 490 meters away. You will then board a train at Papatoetoe Train Station and the train for SkyCity Casino. However, the train will drop you at Britomart Train Station, where you will again be required to walk for approximately 13 minutes for a distance of around 1 kilometre to get to SkyCity Casino.


Taxi provides services when on demand. Once you are at the airport, you can contact various taxi service providers, and you will get one to drop you at SkyCity Casino. The taxis available include, Budget Taxis, Green Cabs Auckland, North Shore Taxis, Taxis United and Auckland Tax Service, among others. You can reach any of these taxis by obtaining the number of their websites. The taxi will drop at SkyCity within 20 minutes.


Drive also provides efficient and reliable transport services to and from Auckland Airport. Once at the airport, you can contact Drive, and it will get you SkyCity Casino. Drive will take 20 minutes to get you to the casino. Their price ranges between $2 to $5.


Shuttle offers transportation services from and to the airport. It is reliable, fast, and convenient. The Shuttle is readily available at the airport once you get there you can immediately take your ride to SkyCity Casino. This implies this can be the best means to use when you are in a hurry. It will save you from unnecessary delays. The Shuttle takes approximately 20 minutes to get to SkyCity Casino. Their price charge ranges between $35 to $55.


The bus makes four trips a day from, and to the airport, this implies that when you get to the airport can get it ready for your ride. It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach SkyCity Casino and charges around $9-$13.

Casinos Trick

Ex-Casino Dealers Reveal: With These 5 Ways Casinos Trick You into Losing

Casino dealers make quite a lot of money while they are dispensing off their duties on the job. But, sometimes things might not go down too well with these dealers, and they might have to quit or lose their jobs. So, what happens next? They speak, and to an extent where they might start spilling the beans. They might just reveal all the trade secrets of these casinos, and the tricks they use to trick you into losing a bet. The article here, has gathered some similar points from ex-casino dealers so that the next time you place a bet, you know precisely how dealers would try to trick you into losing.

Poor and Misleading Advice:

The easiest way in which a dealer confuses the players is by providing misleading information and bad advice to players at the table. Things get easier for these dealers when they understand that the players are amateurs and might look up to the dealers for some sound advice. Players often take in these pieces of advice thinking that it would do them good, but end up losing their bets.

Providing False Hopes:

One thing that you must understand before stepping foot inside a casino is that you cannot always win. It is, thus, unwise to be perennially hopeful about things. But dealers tend to assure players about results that might not happen. Players go overboard with excitement and hope and end up losing their money.

Fleecing the Players of their Money in the Form of Tips:

Casinos expect you to pay their employees in the form of tips, and it does not matter whether you win or lose a bet. This creates quite some pressure on the players and more often than not, leads to them making decisions in a hurry and thus, losing a bet.

Encourages Inebriation:

You might bless the casinos for providing complimentary drinks to you while you are at your game. But this is just a trick that they use to lower your inhibitions and push you towards making the wrong decisions. Dealers encourage the players to keep drinking only so that you are out of your senses when you play your hand.

Trying to Befriend You:

One thing that you must understand is that dealers can never be your friend. They are working for the house and only want to make as much money as possible. But they try to do the same so that you are tricked into believing that they will help you out with winning. But you must steer clear of these tricks and have your own back.


The points that we have mentioned in the article should be enough to jerk you out of your happy illusion that casinos are friendly. Keep these at the back of your mind the next time you play at a casino and do not let the dealers get the better of you.

Auckland Casino

What You Should Know About SkyCity Auckland Casino

SkyCity Auckland Casino is a grand casino located at the foot of the SkyTower building. It is the only casino in Auckland and the second one in New Zealand. This casino has an international audience due to its popularity for providing quality entertainment to the guests. Other than the casino, SkyCity tower also has a grand theatre with a seating capacity of 700, 2 luxury hotels, 12 bars & restaurants, and a convention centre for hosting special events. The SkyCity Auckland Casino hosts over 2100 gaming machines and around 100 table games.

The special poker rooms

SkyCity Auckland casino provides a special poker room away from the rest of the games and entertainment. This place is specially dedicated to poker enthusiasts who come from around the world to enjoy playing some hands. The casino offers premium cards to the players upon registration on the website. A special verification process is conducted when the premium cardholders arrive at the casino. The poker room offers several games including the No Limit Cash Games and Pot-limit Omaha, but the most famous game that is played on maximum tables here is Texas Hold’em Poker. There are new tournaments that take place every year.

Other Games in the SkyCity Casino

There are over 2100 slot machine games available in the casino. There are plenty of games for everyone inside the casino to have a good time. One can also become a loyal member of the casino to enjoy reward programs to win exciting prizes every day. There are over 100 gaming tables which host games like roulette, blackjack, craps, and baccarat in the main hall. The loyal membership programs provide table reservation facility to the guests. There are Platinum and VIP Black programmes which offer exclusive offers and services to the members inside the casino as well as many other facilities of the SkyTower.

Facilities in the casino

SkyCity Casino is not just a source of gambling but also other means of entertainment. Apart from the casino, it features two grand hotels. One of them is the only five-star hotel with a grand casino. This five-star hotel is exclusively reserved for celebrities, VIPs, and high stake gamblers. It has a total of 316 rooms on 21 different levels. The second hotel offers equally good facilities to the guests and has 323 rooms to offer accommodation to local and international guests. On booking a room at any of the SkyTower hotels, one can enjoy all the facilities of the entire resort.

The casino provides 24/7 food service to the guests with cuisines that originated from different cultures. There are a total of 12 bars and restaurants around the resort which you can find in every corner of the resort. You will never be too far away from delicious dining. You can also shop at the nearby market, which is only a 10-min walk away from the resort.

Best Hotels

The Best Hotels Near SkyCity Casino

SkyCity Casino in Auckland, New Zealand is one of the two casinos of the country and is the only grand casino with a five-star hotel which is in the SkyTower Resort. It is one of the major attractions of  Auckland that attracts tourists from around the world. The casino has 2000+ machines to play on and around 100 table games. The resort has 13 bar and restaurants and a convention centre to host special events. There are two hotels inside the resort, with 300 luxury rooms in each. One of them is a five-star hotel which is exclusively for VIPs, celebrities, and high stake gamblers. There are other hotels near the restaurant as well where you can hold your stay as a tourist. We have listed the hotels in Auckland which are closest to the SkyCity Casino.

The Tower Suite

This hotel provides the nearest accommodation outside the SkyTower resort. It is situated only 300m away from the resort. The Tower Suite provides plenty of facilities, including luxury AC rooms, free WiFi, a sauna bath, and a balcony for an amazing view.

Hotel DeBrett

This is the next hotel on the list which is at a distance of 500m from the SkyTower Resort. It is located at the Central Business District of Auckland. It is also near to the Viaduct Harbour, which makes it easy for customers to go both ways. It features a boutique accommodation which provides a pleasant smell around the hotel.

One-bedroom Apartment on Queen Street

This one-bedroom apartment hotel is a complete accommodation which offers luxury ambience, a fitness centre, and a bar. They even have their small casino where you can play for free. It is near Masefield Beach and also only 300m away from the SkyTower convention centre.

Hotel Grand Windsor MGallery

This hotel is located right in the centre of the Central Business District of Auckland. It is 500m away from the SkyTower convention centre. It features plenty of luxury accommodations right in the heart of the city. There will be plenty of activities to do here.


Grand Mercure Auckland

This hotel is only 700m away from the SkyTower convention centre. It offers a 24/7 room service along with a bar and restaurant. It comes with every necessary facility like WiFi, hot bath, laundry, and more under a fair budget.

Star Victoria Services Apartments

This accommodation provides a luxury ambience along with a fitness centre, free WiFi, and AC rooms. It is located only a minute walk away from the SkyTower convention centre, which makes it a great choice for those who can afford a slightly expensive accommodation.

Grand Millennium Auckland

This hotel is 400m away from the SkyCity casino and offers luxury accommodation. It features a fitness centre, a spa, free WiFi service, and a walkable distance from the nearby market. One can reach the casino by going through the market in no time.

Dress-Code Guide

The Dress-Code Guide for SkyCity Casino

When you are a guest in the SkyCity Casino, you will be treated in a luxurious manner. The casino follows a unique etiquette while dealing with the guests. When you enter the casino, you are expected to dress in a certain manner. This will not only show that you honour the regulations of the casino but also make other gamblers respect you and want to play with you. The dress code for the SkyCity casino is not a strict rule to follow, but maintaining a decent attire is what they expect from you.

Since it is a grand casino, it wants the guests to follow a certain dress code. It has its own uses as the casinos can identify your purpose of coming into the casino just by looking at your attire. This is the rule that grand casinos follow. Here is a quick guide for dress-code in SkyCity Casino.

How to dress to gamble

Dressing up for gambling will speak a lot about your nature as a gambler. Serious gamblers respect the dress-codes but also have a unique touch of themselves in it. Those who come to the casinos for the first time and have minimal knowledge dress up in anything. If you wear too flashy clothes, you might be asked to leave the gaming floor. Other players at the table who do not feel comfortable due to your dress code can also complain to the staff to let you out. In order to maintain dress etiquettes of the casino, here is what you need to pack.

Wear something comfortable

The first priority of going to the casinos is your comfort. If you are not comfortable in wearing a tuxedo, you can wear a shirt and trousers with loafers at the bottom. SkyCity casino is not so strict about the dress-code if you can wear a decent casual dress. If you need a lot of accessories to carry along with you to the casino, make sure you have enough pockets for them. If it is cold outside, you can wear something to keep you warm, which you can take off when you reach the casino.

For VIP sections

The VIP sections of the casino require you to follow a specific dress code. These sections are mostly made for poker games or for separate bars and restaurants. Make sure that you call at the reception and ask for the dress code for the VIP rooms before you leave your hotel room. You do not want to be restricted from the VIP section just because your attire is inappropriate. Do not wear flip-flops or open shoes to casinos. Avoid wearing shorts or t-shirts if it is not allowed in the VIP section.



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