It seems that finding a good casino in Auckland can be a little be difficult for the novice player. The average player wants a casino that is in a good location, has many games available to play and also has good bonus programs so they can extend the length of their playing time. One great casino in Auckland is the SkyCity Casino. No matter the reason, SkyCity Casino has a lineup of both new and old casino games so every player has something to play when they come to this casino. Here are some great casino games that SkyCity Casino offers – some are new games that some casino players might not have seen before, and some are classic casino games that every casino player knows.

One unique game that SkyCity Casino has introduced that many casinos do not have is called the money wheel. This game is a big wheel is that is slightly similar to roulette. Each player bets on where the wheel will land on. The difference between this and roulette is that each part of the wheel has different payout odds. The less chance of the wheel landing on that location, then the more that it will payout. Many players like this game because it is simple and there is no skill or strategy to it. Players like that can sit down with their friends and play this game while socializing. Since many players like to come to the casino with their friends to socialize, this is a great game for them because it does not require much effort or skill. The cool thing about this game at SkyCity Casino is that each different spot on the wheel is a different country. Each country has its payout structure, depending on how rare the country is on the wheel. While roulette is much more complicated with different betting sports and different payouts, with this game you can simply sit down and start to play. The novice gambler likes this game because it does not take long to learn. Unlike games like blackjack where it can take a bit to fully understand what is happening in the game, any player can come to the SkyCity Casino and start to play this game right away. For the amateur gambler, the money wheel is a great game to play without putting in much effort with their friends on a night out. Make sure to come to check out the money wheel at SkyCity Casino.

One of the most popular games in the SkyCity Casino that are visited by many players in New Zealand is the poker room. The SkyCity Casino offers many games to their players, both small games for the novice poker player that wants to have some fun with their friends on a night out, too big games that are more towards experienced players that have a high skill level. One of the best things about the SkyCity Casino is that they have a range of different stakes so that every player can find a game that they are comfortable with and have a similar skill level to the other players at the table. For the more experienced player, the top stake games at the SkyCity Casino are uncapped. This means that there is no limit to the amount of money that a player can buy into the game with. One other great thing about the SkyCity Casino poker room is that they offer PLO – pot-limit Omaha. The two key differences to this variation of poker are that instead of two cards there are 4 cards, and each player can only bet the pot amount. PLO oftentimes results in much bigger games since there is more action, and many times there are much higher swings to how much money a player wins and loses in a session. FOr both the novice poker player and the experienced poker player, the poker room at SkyCity Casino is a great destination for both.

One game that SkyCity Casino offers that players will like a lot is rapid roulette and rapid baccarat. This game is the same thing as the table game, except that each player has a terminal. The best thing about this is that now every player can play these games no matter if there is not enough space on the table or them to sit down or stand up. These terminals make it very easy for any player to be able to sit down and start to bet on one of their favourite table games. The odds of these games are the same as the table games, and the same rules are there. One thing that might differ between these games is the ability to get a higher bonus level with them. Ofter times you can insert your player rewards card into the terminal and then start to get reward points as you bet on the terminal. This can be a great way to get free bonus money and also get some free bets.

Choosing a casino in New Zealand can be tough because of all of the great options for the player. SkyCity Casino in Auckland is a combination of many great things about any good casino. They have every game that any player would want to play on, and they are in a great location so they are not hard to find. Next time you are in Auckland and you want to gamble in a great casino, check out the SkyCity Casino for all your gambling needs.