Casino dealers make quite a lot of money while they are dispensing off their duties on the job. But, sometimes things might not go down too well with these dealers, and they might have to quit or lose their jobs. So, what happens next? They speak, and to an extent where they might start spilling the beans. They might just reveal all the trade secrets of these casinos, and the tricks they use to trick you into losing a bet. The article here, has gathered some similar points from ex-casino dealers so that the next time you place a bet, you know precisely how dealers would try to trick you into losing.

Poor and Misleading Advice:

The easiest way in which a dealer confuses the players is by providing misleading information and bad advice to players at the table. Things get easier for these dealers when they understand that the players are amateurs and might look up to the dealers for some sound advice. Players often take in these pieces of advice thinking that it would do them good, but end up losing their bets.

Providing False Hopes:

One thing that you must understand before stepping foot inside a casino is that you cannot always win. It is, thus, unwise to be perennially hopeful about things. But dealers tend to assure players about results that might not happen. Players go overboard with excitement and hope and end up losing their money.

Fleecing the Players of their Money in the Form of Tips:

Casinos expect you to pay their employees in the form of tips, and it does not matter whether you win or lose a bet. This creates quite some pressure on the players and more often than not, leads to them making decisions in a hurry and thus, losing a bet.

Encourages Inebriation:

You might bless the casinos for providing complimentary drinks to you while you are at your game. But this is just a trick that they use to lower your inhibitions and push you towards making the wrong decisions. Dealers encourage the players to keep drinking only so that you are out of your senses when you play your hand.

Trying to Befriend You:

One thing that you must understand is that dealers can never be your friend. They are working for the house and only want to make as much money as possible. But they try to do the same so that you are tricked into believing that they will help you out with winning. But you must steer clear of these tricks and have your own back.


The points that we have mentioned in the article should be enough to jerk you out of your happy illusion that casinos are friendly. Keep these at the back of your mind the next time you play at a casino and do not let the dealers get the better of you.