When you are a guest in the SkyCity Casino, you will be treated in a luxurious manner. The casino follows a unique etiquette while dealing with the guests. When you enter the casino, you are expected to dress in a certain manner. This will not only show that you honour the regulations of the casino but also make other gamblers respect you and want to play with you. The dress code for the SkyCity casino is not a strict rule to follow, but maintaining a decent attire is what they expect from you.

Since it is a grand casino, it wants the guests to follow a certain dress code. It has its own uses as the casinos can identify your purpose of coming into the casino just by looking at your attire. This is the rule that grand casinos follow. Here is a quick guide for dress-code in SkyCity Casino.

How to dress to gamble

Dressing up for gambling will speak a lot about your nature as a gambler. Serious gamblers respect the dress-codes but also have a unique touch of themselves in it. Those who come to the casinos for the first time and have minimal knowledge dress up in anything. If you wear too flashy clothes, you might be asked to leave the gaming floor. Other players at the table who do not feel comfortable due to your dress code can also complain to the staff to let you out. In order to maintain dress etiquettes of the casino, here is what you need to pack.

Wear something comfortable

The first priority of going to the casinos is your comfort. If you are not comfortable in wearing a tuxedo, you can wear a shirt and trousers with loafers at the bottom. SkyCity casino is not so strict about the dress-code if you can wear a decent casual dress. If you need a lot of accessories to carry along with you to the casino, make sure you have enough pockets for them. If it is cold outside, you can wear something to keep you warm, which you can take off when you reach the casino.

For VIP sections

The VIP sections of the casino require you to follow a specific dress code. These sections are mostly made for poker games or for separate bars and restaurants. Make sure that you call at the reception and ask for the dress code for the VIP rooms before you leave your hotel room. You do not want to be restricted from the VIP section just because your attire is inappropriate. Do not wear flip-flops or open shoes to casinos. Avoid wearing shorts or t-shirts if it is not allowed in the VIP section.