To become a dealer in a casino, first, you need to understand the values of the casino that you are planning to join, how it works, and what authority you have on the table as a dealer. There are training schools from casinos where they teach the etiquettes, behaviour, and hosting of the games. Becoming a blackjack dealer is not a completely different thing than the training for other game dealers. The casino will train you to shuffle the cards and to handle the chips. You will also receive manuals about carrying out a game with responsible supervision. The only thing that you cannot learn in the training schools is to make better decisions as a dealer. Especially when you are a blackjack dealer, as you will be playing against the players, you need to know what is the right thing to do at what time.

A dealer’s job may have minimum wage compared to other jobs at the casinos, but they are the closest to the guests who can reward them with tips. These tips can add up to more than what the manager of the casino might earn with their salary. This is why the blackjack dealers need to learn the things mentioned below to be able to serve their guests better.

Keep smiling

It might be hard to keep a happy face all the time, but this is what the dealers need to learn as the first thing to make their guests comfortable. Smiling will keep the table excited about the game, and the players will also tip you more for seeming nice to them. On the other side, if you act too stubborn or disinterested in dealing, the players might not enjoy your attitude and will eventually leave the game. Having a nice smile is also an advantage for you to get hired in a casino.

Get involved

A good dealer always knows how to get along with the players. If you have the art of engaging people in a game, you will always have your table full of players. Do not act like you are not a part of the game. Motivate the players when they are losing and cheer up for the people who hit big wins. Complement them for their skills and they will get impressed by your hospitality. But remember to not overdo it and always respect the players as guests. One way you can complement them is offer to play a chip from their side when they lose their entire chips in the game.

Know the rules

Casinos can have more rules than you can learn for a degree and If you cannot remember them all, you will have a hard time being a dealer. You cannot break the rules while you are at the table. If you ignore the rules, you will have a hard time controlling the players. This can lead to causing damages to the casino and in the process can cause internal errors. Once you come in the black books of the casino, you will be blamed for every small mistake. You can get suspended or even worse.