Casino rewards and bonuses are always up for grabs. These rewards claim to help you play more rounds at casino games and carry some significant amount back home, which is a pretty neat idea. But, the reality behind these rewards is often more complicated than what it seems. Rewards, if you must know, are used by casinos to track the movements of their customers, so that they can fashion strategies to entice these customers time and again. Thus, without wasting any minute further, let us look into the ways casinos use rewards to keep a weather-eye on their customers.

Complimentary Drinks, Free Nights at Hotels and Free Valet Parking:

The universe knows it and therefore, it is imperative that we acknowledge the fact that free stuff draws people in flocks. The best way that casinos use to get people to sign-up to their programs is by giving away free goodies and facilities like complimentary drinks, free hotel reservations and free parking services. These services are bound to keep the customers coming back for more. As a matter of fact, these incentives have also, in many cases, given rise to problem gambling and compulsive gambling behaviour.

Your Information from the Rewards Programs Travels Along With You:

The information that these rewards programs acquire from you is stored in their systems and travel along with you wherever you go. This is because most casinos are parts of a larger operating system. And they keep the information of their customers stored in their devices, thus, making it easy for them to track you.

Casinos Have a Great Surveillance System:

The moment you step inside a casino, your movements start being tracked. While one reason for this to happen is to ensure maximum security and safety to the casino and the other players, the other reason is to understand what you are like a customer. These surveillance systems check the pulse of your behaviour and then devise strategies to come up with new tricks to lure you into the rewards.


Loyalty Card Swipes:

Casinos also offer their customers loyalty cards that they can swipe and use when the time is right to get more perks and services. These loyalty cards are nothing but a strategy to keep the customers coming back for more and more, till they form a habit out of their casino endeavours.


It is perhaps wise to go through the aforementioned points regarding the rewards programs that casinos have so that the next time you visit a casino for some fun and games, you are not fooled by the ostensible charm of the place and can make wise decisions by your own.