About SkyCity Casino

This is a luxurious facility in Auckland that attracts tourists and other travellers to the country. The casino has the lowest hotel rates in town, and it is strategically located away from Landmarks and Monuments. SkyCity Casino is located near other world-class hotels that offer Hauraki Blue Cruises. SkyCity Casino offers online bookings for its clients. Customers can book even a month early. The casino offers the best services in town, and it is open 24/7 to give its clients full excitement and fun. Wrapped up in one building, SkyCity Casino offers clients with all the popular games, including live games, great food, and amazing entertainment.

There are various means of transport that clients can use from the airport to get to the SkyCity Casino. However, following the current pandemic of COVID-19, some travel restrictions may apply during the travel. The following are the most appropriate means to use from the airport to SkyCity Casino:


This is one of the reliable ways of getting to SkyCity Casino from the airport. Uber offers a reliable, relatively cheap, and convenient services to and from the airport. To get an Uber for your travel, just find your pickup location, which is the airport. Depending on the luggage you have, check the Uber application for charges. Then you will need to follow the instructions on the Uber app to meet your driver at the pickup station.

You will then go to your preferred pickup station, as shown on the app to meet your driver. However, you should keep in mind that the pickup station might be far from your exit. When you get to the pickup point, just contact your driver on the Uber app. Once you meet your driver, you will enjoy your ride to SkyCity.

The Uber will take approximately 20 minutes to get to SkyCity Casino. The prices range for Uber ranges between $23 to $26.


Towncar can also offer the best transportation services from the airport to SkyCity Casino. Towncar, just like any other means of transport like tax, charges its clients depending on the distance and the time is taken. Once you are at the airport, just find the Towncar app and select your designated destination. You will communicate with your driver who will pick you from your destination and get you to SkyCity Casino. Towncar can carry up to three passengers implying that if you have a companion, then this can be the best option

Towncar takes approximately 20 minutes to get to SkyCity Casino. They are always available when their services are required; therefore, they offer service provision on demand. The estimated price for this amazing ride ranges between $55 to $80.

Line 380 Bus and Train

Train or Line 380 buses are other means of transport from the airport to SkyCity Casino. Line 380 bus comes after every 15 minutes implying that you will not have to spend much time waiting. The bus charges only $10 for the service. However, it not drop you at your exact destination. It will drop you at 52 St. George, and you will have to walk for around 5 minutes to get to the train, which is approximately 490 meters away. You will then board a train at Papatoetoe Train Station and the train for SkyCity Casino. However, the train will drop you at Britomart Train Station, where you will again be required to walk for approximately 13 minutes for a distance of around 1 kilometre to get to SkyCity Casino.


Taxi provides services when on demand. Once you are at the airport, you can contact various taxi service providers, and you will get one to drop you at SkyCity Casino. The taxis available include, Budget Taxis, Green Cabs Auckland, North Shore Taxis, Taxis United and Auckland Tax Service, among others. You can reach any of these taxis by obtaining the number of their websites. The taxi will drop at SkyCity within 20 minutes.


Drive also provides efficient and reliable transport services to and from Auckland Airport. Once at the airport, you can contact Drive, and it will get you SkyCity Casino. Drive will take 20 minutes to get you to the casino. Their price ranges between $2 to $5.


Shuttle offers transportation services from and to the airport. It is reliable, fast, and convenient. The Shuttle is readily available at the airport once you get there you can immediately take your ride to SkyCity Casino. This implies this can be the best means to use when you are in a hurry. It will save you from unnecessary delays. The Shuttle takes approximately 20 minutes to get to SkyCity Casino. Their price charge ranges between $35 to $55.


The bus makes four trips a day from, and to the airport, this implies that when you get to the airport can get it ready for your ride. It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach SkyCity Casino and charges around $9-$13.