SkyCity Casino at the SkyTower Resort is located in the heart of the city of Auckland. Since the time of its establishment, it has only been getting bigger with time. Compared to the Christchurch Casino, it has a lot more space and almost three times the number of gaming machines and tables. Along with the games, SkyCity Casino also offers bigger accommodation, more restaurants, and a larger area overall. Today we look at what all we can get to experience in the SkyCity Casino, Auckland.

About the SkyCity Casino

The SkyCity casino remains open 24/7 with only minimum breaks during the day time. The front doors of the casino are always open. The casino is located at the basement of the SkyTower building. It is a part of the SkyTower resort, which also has two grand hotels for accommodation of the guests. The Skycity casino is famous around the world for providing a classic grand casino experience to the guests along with other activities to do inside and outside the resort.

The game floor

The SkyCity casino hosts around 2,100 gaming machines and over 100 table games. There is plenty of entertainment for everyone. This casino is known for providing a game for everyone, from the new gamblers to the high stakes. The machines range from the classics to the latest trending games. The table games include classic roulette, baccarat, and blackjack games. Poker players can test their skills at the free to play games before joining the money games.

There is also a VIP section which offers a separate gaming session for high stake players. To get the membership of the VIP rooms, one needs to register early and get their registration verified on their arrival. There is a Platinum and a VIP Black program exclusively for the loyal members.

Other Amenities

Apart from the game floor, the casino also features 13 bars and restaurants which offer several types of dishes and beverages that you can try out. The SkyTower resort also has two grand hotels, one of which is a five-star hotel which is exclusive only for the VIPs, celebrities, and high stake rollers. The grand hotel has 316 rooms on 21 levels. The second hotel is also as good as the new building, which is open to all the guests. It features 323 luxury rooms.

You can enjoy your time around the convention centre of the SkyTower while visiting the restaurants around the resort. The 12 restaurants offer continental as well as world-famous cuisines to the guests.

The SkyTower casino does not offer any shopping facilities, but you can visit the markets around the resort and check the city when you are not playing in the casino.