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From Our Blog

Casinos Trick

Ex-Casino Dealers Reveal: With These 5 Ways Casinos Trick You into Losing

Casino dealers make quite a lot of money while they are dispensing off their duties on the job. But, sometimes things might not go down too well with these dealers, and they might have to quit or lose their jobs. So, what happens next? They speak, and to an extent where they might start spilling the beans. They might just reveal all the trade secrets of these casinos, and the tricks they use to trick you into losing a bet. The article here, has gathered some similar points from ex-casino dealers so that the next time you place a bet, you know precisely how dealers would try to trick you into losing.

Poor and Misleading Advice:

The easiest way in which a dealer confuses the players is by providing misleading information and bad advice to players at the table. Things get easier for these dealers when they understand that the players are amateurs and might look up to the dealers for some sound advice. Players often take in these pieces of advice thinking that it would do them good, but end up losing their bets.

Providing False Hopes:

One thing that you must understand before stepping foot inside a casino is that you cannot always win. It is, thus, unwise to be perennially hopeful about things. But dealers tend to assure players about results that might not happen. Players go overboard with excitement and hope and end up losing their money.

Fleecing the Players of their Money in the Form of Tips:

Casinos expect you to pay their employees in the form of tips, and it does not matter whether you win or lose a bet. This creates quite some pressure on the players and more often than not, leads to them making decisions in a hurry and thus, losing a bet.

Encourages Inebriation:

You might bless the casinos for providing complimentary drinks to you while you are at your game. But this is just a trick that they use to lower your inhibitions and push you towards making the wrong decisions. Dealers encourage the players to keep drinking only so that you are out of your senses when you play your hand.

Trying to Befriend You:

One thing that you must understand is that dealers can never be your friend. They are working for the house and only want to make as much money as possible. But they try to do the same so that you are tricked into believing that they will help you out with winning. But you must steer clear of these tricks and have your own back.


The points that we have mentioned in the article should be enough to jerk you out of your happy illusion that casinos are friendly. Keep these at the back of your mind the next time you play at a casino and do not let the dealers get the better of you.

Auckland Casino

What You Should Know About SkyCity Auckland Casino

SkyCity Auckland Casino is a grand casino located at the foot of the SkyTower building. It is the only casino in Auckland and the second one in New Zealand. This casino has an international audience due to its popularity for providing quality entertainment to the guests. Other than the casino, SkyCity tower also has a grand theatre with a seating capacity of 700, 2 luxury hotels, 12 bars & restaurants, and a convention centre for hosting special events. The SkyCity Auckland Casino hosts over 2100 gaming machines and around 100 table games.

The special poker rooms

SkyCity Auckland casino provides a special poker room away from the rest of the games and entertainment. This place is specially dedicated to poker enthusiasts who come from around the world to enjoy playing some hands. The casino offers premium cards to the players upon registration on the website. A special verification process is conducted when the premium cardholders arrive at the casino. The poker room offers several games including the No Limit Cash Games and Pot-limit Omaha, but the most famous game that is played on maximum tables here is Texas Hold’em Poker. There are new tournaments that take place every year.

Other Games in the SkyCity Casino

There are over 2100 slot machine games available in the casino. There are plenty of games for everyone inside the casino to have a good time. One can also become a loyal member of the casino to enjoy reward programs to win exciting prizes every day. There are over 100 gaming tables which host games like roulette, blackjack, craps, and baccarat in the main hall. The loyal membership programs provide table reservation facility to the guests. There are Platinum and VIP Black programmes which offer exclusive offers and services to the members inside the casino as well as many other facilities of the SkyTower.

Facilities in the casino

SkyCity Casino is not just a source of gambling but also other means of entertainment. Apart from the casino, it features two grand hotels. One of them is the only five-star hotel with a grand casino. This five-star hotel is exclusively reserved for celebrities, VIPs, and high stake gamblers. It has a total of 316 rooms on 21 different levels. The second hotel offers equally good facilities to the guests and has 323 rooms to offer accommodation to local and international guests. On booking a room at any of the SkyTower hotels, one can enjoy all the facilities of the entire resort.

The casino provides 24/7 food service to the guests with cuisines that originated from different cultures. There are a total of 12 bars and restaurants around the resort which you can find in every corner of the resort. You will never be too far away from delicious dining. You can also shop at the nearby market, which is only a 10-min walk away from the resort.

Best Hotels

The Best Hotels Near SkyCity Casino

SkyCity Casino in Auckland, New Zealand is one of the two casinos of the country and is the only grand casino with a five-star hotel which is in the SkyTower Resort. It is one of the major attractions of  Auckland that attracts tourists from around the world. The casino has 2000+ machines to play on and around 100 table games. The resort has 13 bar and restaurants and a convention centre to host special events. There are two hotels inside the resort, with 300 luxury rooms in each. One of them is a five-star hotel which is exclusively for VIPs, celebrities, and high stake gamblers. There are other hotels near the restaurant as well where you can hold your stay as a tourist. We have listed the hotels in Auckland which are closest to the SkyCity Casino.

The Tower Suite

This hotel provides the nearest accommodation outside the SkyTower resort. It is situated only 300m away from the resort. The Tower Suite provides plenty of facilities, including luxury AC rooms, free WiFi, a sauna bath, and a balcony for an amazing view.

Hotel DeBrett

This is the next hotel on the list which is at a distance of 500m from the SkyTower Resort. It is located at the Central Business District of Auckland. It is also near to the Viaduct Harbour, which makes it easy for customers to go both ways. It features a boutique accommodation which provides a pleasant smell around the hotel.

One-bedroom Apartment on Queen Street

This one-bedroom apartment hotel is a complete accommodation which offers luxury ambience, a fitness centre, and a bar. They even have their small casino where you can play for free. It is near Masefield Beach and also only 300m away from the SkyTower convention centre.

Hotel Grand Windsor MGallery

This hotel is located right in the centre of the Central Business District of Auckland. It is 500m away from the SkyTower convention centre. It features plenty of luxury accommodations right in the heart of the city. There will be plenty of activities to do here.


Grand Mercure Auckland

This hotel is only 700m away from the SkyTower convention centre. It offers a 24/7 room service along with a bar and restaurant. It comes with every necessary facility like WiFi, hot bath, laundry, and more under a fair budget.

Star Victoria Services Apartments

This accommodation provides a luxury ambience along with a fitness centre, free WiFi, and AC rooms. It is located only a minute walk away from the SkyTower convention centre, which makes it a great choice for those who can afford a slightly expensive accommodation.

Grand Millennium Auckland

This hotel is 400m away from the SkyCity casino and offers luxury accommodation. It features a fitness centre, a spa, free WiFi service, and a walkable distance from the nearby market. One can reach the casino by going through the market in no time.

Dress-Code Guide

The Dress-Code Guide for SkyCity Casino

When you are a guest in the SkyCity Casino, you will be treated in a luxurious manner. The casino follows a unique etiquette while dealing with the guests. When you enter the casino, you are expected to dress in a certain manner. This will not only show that you honour the regulations of the casino but also make other gamblers respect you and want to play with you. The dress code for the SkyCity casino is not a strict rule to follow, but maintaining a decent attire is what they expect from you.

Since it is a grand casino, it wants the guests to follow a certain dress code. It has its own uses as the casinos can identify your purpose of coming into the casino just by looking at your attire. This is the rule that grand casinos follow. Here is a quick guide for dress-code in SkyCity Casino.

How to dress to gamble

Dressing up for gambling will speak a lot about your nature as a gambler. Serious gamblers respect the dress-codes but also have a unique touch of themselves in it. Those who come to the casinos for the first time and have minimal knowledge dress up in anything. If you wear too flashy clothes, you might be asked to leave the gaming floor. Other players at the table who do not feel comfortable due to your dress code can also complain to the staff to let you out. In order to maintain dress etiquettes of the casino, here is what you need to pack.

Wear something comfortable

The first priority of going to the casinos is your comfort. If you are not comfortable in wearing a tuxedo, you can wear a shirt and trousers with loafers at the bottom. SkyCity casino is not so strict about the dress-code if you can wear a decent casual dress. If you need a lot of accessories to carry along with you to the casino, make sure you have enough pockets for them. If it is cold outside, you can wear something to keep you warm, which you can take off when you reach the casino.

For VIP sections

The VIP sections of the casino require you to follow a specific dress code. These sections are mostly made for poker games or for separate bars and restaurants. Make sure that you call at the reception and ask for the dress code for the VIP rooms before you leave your hotel room. You do not want to be restricted from the VIP section just because your attire is inappropriate. Do not wear flip-flops or open shoes to casinos. Avoid wearing shorts or t-shirts if it is not allowed in the VIP section.

SkyCity’s New SkyCity Online Casino

SkyCity Casino is the biggest casino in New Zealand which is a part of the SkyTower Resort located at the heart of Auckland. It was launched on 2nd February 1996 and became one of the famous grand casinos around the world in no time. It is built at the basement of the SkyTower building which offers a wide variety of games and plenty of entertainment all guests. There are over 2000 slot games as well as over 100 table games.

Recently SkyCity has launched an online casino platform which offers even bigger opportunities to the gamblers from around the world without the need for them to visit the casino. This online platform is a collaboration of the SkyCity Entertainment Group and the Gambling Innovation Group.

What to expect

The online SkyCity Casino offers all the traditional games that a usual casino has along with other new games that get added every month. Gambling Innovation Group (GIG) is in association with plenty of gaming providers which provides sufficient gaming options for the players. The platform has a neat layout and an excellent gaming experience due to the GIG white label casino solution. It is a user-friendly platform which offers simple directions to the games and other pages.

You get a welcome bonus as soon as you enter the website. You can find the SkyCity logo next to the bonus. You can redeem this bonus by signing up for the website. Once you are done with the registration, you will be directed to the game page where you can find the list of all the games under different categories. You can also find the top 12 games of the website on the top of the page. You can also find your favourite game using the search bar if you cannot locate it on the front page. The website is colourful and offers great animation and music to keep you hooked.

Bonus and promotions

The SkyCity online casino offers plenty of bonuses, tournaments, and promotions during the games. There is a significant deposit bonus of up to 100% for up to $100, which gives you double the chances to get lucky. You can also receive 10 to 70 free spins during the first seven days of login-in. The platform also offers a VIP club membership promotion which offers plenty of rewards and tournament participation during the games.

SkyCity on Mobile

The SkyCity casino is now available on mobile devices with a website that is supported on Android and iOS platforms. SkyCity online casino is also considering to launch a casino application dedicated uniquely to smartphones. Today, the best platform to play at SkyCity online casino is a laptop as it provides a considerably bigger screen than the tablets and smartphones.

How to be a Professional Blackjack Dealer

To become a dealer in a casino, first, you need to understand the values of the casino that you are planning to join, how it works, and what authority you have on the table as a dealer. There are training schools from casinos where they teach the etiquettes, behaviour, and hosting of the games. Becoming a blackjack dealer is not a completely different thing than the training for other game dealers. The casino will train you to shuffle the cards and to handle the chips. You will also receive manuals about carrying out a game with responsible supervision. The only thing that you cannot learn in the training schools is to make better decisions as a dealer. Especially when you are a blackjack dealer, as you will be playing against the players, you need to know what is the right thing to do at what time.

A dealer’s job may have minimum wage compared to other jobs at the casinos, but they are the closest to the guests who can reward them with tips. These tips can add up to more than what the manager of the casino might earn with their salary. This is why the blackjack dealers need to learn the things mentioned below to be able to serve their guests better.

Keep smiling

It might be hard to keep a happy face all the time, but this is what the dealers need to learn as the first thing to make their guests comfortable. Smiling will keep the table excited about the game, and the players will also tip you more for seeming nice to them. On the other side, if you act too stubborn or disinterested in dealing, the players might not enjoy your attitude and will eventually leave the game. Having a nice smile is also an advantage for you to get hired in a casino.

Get involved

A good dealer always knows how to get along with the players. If you have the art of engaging people in a game, you will always have your table full of players. Do not act like you are not a part of the game. Motivate the players when they are losing and cheer up for the people who hit big wins. Complement them for their skills and they will get impressed by your hospitality. But remember to not overdo it and always respect the players as guests. One way you can complement them is offer to play a chip from their side when they lose their entire chips in the game.

Know the rules

Casinos can have more rules than you can learn for a degree and If you cannot remember them all, you will have a hard time being a dealer. You cannot break the rules while you are at the table. If you ignore the rules, you will have a hard time controlling the players. This can lead to causing damages to the casino and in the process can cause internal errors. Once you come in the black books of the casino, you will be blamed for every small mistake. You can get suspended or even worse.

How Casinos Use Rewards Programs to Track Everything You Do

Casino rewards and bonuses are always up for grabs. These rewards claim to help you play more rounds at casino games and carry some significant amount back home, which is a pretty neat idea. But, the reality behind these rewards is often more complicated than what it seems. Rewards, if you must know, are used by casinos to track the movements of their customers, so that they can fashion strategies to entice these customers time and again. Thus, without wasting any minute further, let us look into the ways casinos use rewards to keep a weather-eye on their customers.

Complimentary Drinks, Free Nights at Hotels and Free Valet Parking:

The universe knows it and therefore, it is imperative that we acknowledge the fact that free stuff draws people in flocks. The best way that casinos use to get people to sign-up to their programs is by giving away free goodies and facilities like complimentary drinks, free hotel reservations and free parking services. These services are bound to keep the customers coming back for more. As a matter of fact, these incentives have also, in many cases, given rise to problem gambling and compulsive gambling behaviour.

Your Information from the Rewards Programs Travels Along With You:

The information that these rewards programs acquire from you is stored in their systems and travel along with you wherever you go. This is because most casinos are parts of a larger operating system. And they keep the information of their customers stored in their devices, thus, making it easy for them to track you.

Casinos Have a Great Surveillance System:

The moment you step inside a casino, your movements start being tracked. While one reason for this to happen is to ensure maximum security and safety to the casino and the other players, the other reason is to understand what you are like a customer. These surveillance systems check the pulse of your behaviour and then devise strategies to come up with new tricks to lure you into the rewards.


Loyalty Card Swipes:

Casinos also offer their customers loyalty cards that they can swipe and use when the time is right to get more perks and services. These loyalty cards are nothing but a strategy to keep the customers coming back for more and more, till they form a habit out of their casino endeavours.


It is perhaps wise to go through the aforementioned points regarding the rewards programs that casinos have so that the next time you visit a casino for some fun and games, you are not fooled by the ostensible charm of the place and can make wise decisions by your own.

Best Multi Spin Slots For 2020

Slots are one of the most interesting parts of any casino. And as much as traditional slots are beautiful to get your hands-on, the growing needs of the age has gifted us the boon of multi spin slots with amazing graphics and animation. Every year these slots keep getting better and add more features to their programs. The lure of these features serves as a siren call that is hard to ignore. With this view in mind, we shall now look into some of the best multi spin slots that have caused quite a stir in the air this year.

Jackpot City Casino:

The Jackpot City Casino is the best on the list when it comes to multi spin slots, and it is important that you know of it if you are to enjoy some variations in casino slots. It has a myriad of games available that you can operate from the convenience of your houses. The slot can be accessed through your mobile devices as well as it is fashioned for efficiency. And one of the greatest features of this slot game is its range of bonuses and rewards that can help you play more rounds and thus, win eventually.

Spin Palace Casino:

The second to make it on the list is the Spin Palace Casino and for good enough reasons. The slot has some cutting-edge technology that is quite a welcome relief amidst all the redundant techniques found in a casino slot. Plus, the welcome bonuses are a steal and must not to be let gone off. Also, if this sounds like something to be relieved about, your data is completely secure with Spin Palace.

Ruby Fortune Casino:

If you are looking for some real-money casinos to get your hands on, Ruby Fortune Casino serves as the best option in the list. You can claim the generous welcome bonus easily with their ‘how to’ guides. Plus, the transaction process is lucid and safe, and you need not break a sweat regarding the security of your data. Also, these games can be played across a range of devices which only makes the process a much fun and convenient one. Therefore, if you want some amazing bonuses as well as need some unadulterated forms of fun with casino games, make sure that you sign-up to the Ruby Fortune Casino.


The ones that we have mentioned in the article are the best multi spin casinos that you need to know about. While there might be several other casinos in the market that offer multi spin slots, these are the ones that have made quite some noise in the market in 2020. Therefore, sign-up and start playing your favourite games today.

7 Poker Tournament Tips for Running Deep More Often

Predicting the outcomes of casino games is nothing less than a challenge. Chances of your predictions, no matter how calculative they are, turning out to be accurate are pretty slim. But people still chalk out calculations and use proper statistical means to understand the probabilities of the results of casino games. Speaking of understanding the results of casino games, in this article, we shall talk about a few tips that you can use to increase your chances of winning a poker tournament. It is not possible to guarantee a win, but you can always be wise enough with your decisions while playing a hand of poker in a tournament.

Do Not Go Overboard With Your Steal Tricks:

It is a good idea to be a little stealthy with your moves and steal a lot. But make sure that you are not going overboard with the moves. This can cause you more harm than good, and that is why experts say that it is a good idea to open small, but open as frequently as possible.

See to It That Your Big Blind Is Defended:

If you have something significant coming up, like a big blind or a similar thing like that, you must ensure that you have invested enough time and effort into defending the big blind. Big blinds generally have a generous amount of pot odds, and that is why it is essential that you defend them to be in profit.

Be Careful of the 4-Bet Shoves:

In a typical poker tournament, there are about 25 to 40 big blinds. Therefore, while playing a regular poker tournament, it is always advisable to 3-bet bluff so that you can tweak your chances of winning. You must always keep in mind the kind of tournament that you are playing and devise your strategies accordingly.

3-Bet on Deep Stacks Like a Cash Game:

Like we have mentioned earlier, it is important to place your bets depending upon the type of the game. Therefore, if you have deep stacks to tend to, it is advisable to 3-bet on these deep stacks like you would have done for a cash game.

Avoid Continuation Betting:

As tempting as it might sound, continuation betting every hand can land you in trouble. You must avoid c-betting and also try not to bluff even at the riskiest and the most terrible spots. These methods have become long out-dated, and you must not conform to them anymore.

Always Have a Plan for the Future:

This sounds philosophical but having a plan for the future streets is important in determining the results of your poker game. This means that even though you might be faring quite well in the game, you must be prepared for what the future in the same game has to offer. This way, you can plan ahead of time and deal with whatever the scene is later on in the game.

Finally, Learn the Technique of Heads-Up:

Learning to play heads-up is an extremely important criterion to win big, and the point cannot be stressed enough. It is also quite difficult to get heads-up in a tournament, but once you get heads-up, you can rest assured that a big win is underway. Therefore, study and practise heads-up as much as you can to have favourable outcomes.

A Review of The SkyCity Auckland Casino

SkyCity Casino at the SkyTower Resort is located in the heart of the city of Auckland. Since the time of its establishment, it has only been getting bigger with time. Compared to the Christchurch Casino, it has a lot more space and almost three times the number of gaming machines and tables. Along with the games, SkyCity Casino also offers bigger accommodation, more restaurants, and a larger area overall. Today we look at what all we can get to experience in the SkyCity Casino, Auckland.

About the SkyCity Casino

The SkyCity casino remains open 24/7 with only minimum breaks during the day time. The front doors of the casino are always open. The casino is located at the basement of the SkyTower building. It is a part of the SkyTower resort, which also has two grand hotels for accommodation of the guests. The Skycity casino is famous around the world for providing a classic grand casino experience to the guests along with other activities to do inside and outside the resort.

The game floor

The SkyCity casino hosts around 2,100 gaming machines and over 100 table games. There is plenty of entertainment for everyone. This casino is known for providing a game for everyone, from the new gamblers to the high stakes. The machines range from the classics to the latest trending games. The table games include classic roulette, baccarat, and blackjack games. Poker players can test their skills at the free to play games before joining the money games.

There is also a VIP section which offers a separate gaming session for high stake players. To get the membership of the VIP rooms, one needs to register early and get their registration verified on their arrival. There is a Platinum and a VIP Black program exclusively for the loyal members.

Other Amenities

Apart from the game floor, the casino also features 13 bars and restaurants which offer several types of dishes and beverages that you can try out. The SkyTower resort also has two grand hotels, one of which is a five-star hotel which is exclusive only for the VIPs, celebrities, and high stake rollers. The grand hotel has 316 rooms on 21 levels. The second hotel is also as good as the new building, which is open to all the guests. It features 323 luxury rooms.

You can enjoy your time around the convention centre of the SkyTower while visiting the restaurants around the resort. The 12 restaurants offer continental as well as world-famous cuisines to the guests.

The SkyTower casino does not offer any shopping facilities, but you can visit the markets around the resort and check the city when you are not playing in the casino.



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Whatever Your Game, Chances Are We’re Playing It Right Now At SkyCity Auckland Casino.

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